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​Tranter supplies highly efficient compact heat exchangers for the sugar processing industry globally. The heat exchangers are specifically engineered to ensure that the sugar extracted from sugar cane, sugar beet or sugar palms produce the best end product while minimizing overall production and maintenance costs. The role of Heat Exchangers is critical in this industry due to duties including evaporation, condensing, cooling and heating. Sugar production and refining involves continual heat transfer to and from different juice flows, right from the first juice to final stage of molasses. Heat recovery also plays a vital role in reducing the usage of energy in turn reducing productions costs.

Typical Applications:

  • Raw juice heater
  • Heating limed juice
  • Clear juice heater
  • Preheating thin juice before evaporation
  • Heating concentrated juice
  • Heating syrups

To know more about other applications: 

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